Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Initially, only photos and short videos appeared on Instagram, which we published on our profiles. Over time, Instagram has introduced new features that diversify the use of the application. You can make your instagram story more attractive with the help of buy instagram followers Singapore.

Relationships on Instagram – hit or miss?

A few years ago, Instagram introduced the ability to add stories. A story is a photo or a short video that is published only for 24 hours. Reports are usually accompanied by informal publications on which we show our everyday life. Instastories on Instagram are actually the same as My Story on Snapchat, which we have known for a very long time. However, it is worth emphasizing that Instagram is a completely different platform than Snapchat, and stories allow us to interact more closely with our followers, who will get to know us better than just watching scheduled, compatible posts.

How to add stories on Instagram?

Adding stories on Instagram is child’s play! When we turn on the Instagram application, then our eyes will see a row of profiles that have added relationships. The first profile in the row is our account, next to which a small plus sign is displayed on a blue background – just press it to add insta stories. It is worth noting that we can add a photo and video to the story by selecting a file from the phone gallery, but not only. We have the opportunity to use the camera and create a relationship on a regular basis.

Another way to publish a story is to go to our profile tab. In the upper right corner we will notice a plus sign in the frame and we should press this symbol. Among the various possibilities, such as roll or post, we can also choose to create a new story.

Some Stories we like a lot, we consider them special, and we want them to stay on our account for a little longer than 24 hours. Instagram allows us to create a featured story that will constantly appear to our followers as an inseparable element of the profile.

Highlighted stories can be arranged according to your preferences. The small circles that appear above our traditional posts are the Stories Featured folders. If we want our Instagram account to be consistent, then it is worth signing each folder appropriately and setting an interesting cover photo that will indicate the nature of a given set of highlighted relationships.

How to highlight a relationship?

Instagram allows us to add a featured story even before we decide to post anything. However, we are not always sure that a given photo or video will be interesting enough to keep it on our profile for longer. There is a solution for everything!

When a given relationship is active, then we should open it and select the field called “highlighted relationship”, which is located in the bottom bar of the screen. It should be noted, however, that the relationship can be distinguished even when the time of its availability has passed.

The panel that shows our profile, information about us and published posts is really crucial in every issue. This is where we can make all kinds of edits, and in the upper right corner, 3 horizontal lines are displayed that lead us to the interesting features of Instagram. These lines expand a list in front of us, in which there is a field called “archive”. The story archive shows us all the photos and videos we’ve ever uploaded to a story. If we find something that interests us on the list of archived stories, then we can make the selected file permanently visible on our instagram profile.

Additional features of instagram stories

Not everyone knows about it, but instastories hide a lot of functions that improve our Instagram. If we find a video or photo that is perfect for a given relationship, then we can proceed to certain combinations. We can add short texts, emoticons, gifs and avatars to the story. We can tag each photo and video with a location tag, and even add music that reflects the nature of the relationship. When we want our recipients to establish some contact with us, then it is worth including a survey, quiz or question in the relationship.

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Taking photos for stories is a real fun. Instagram offers us tons of filters, not only fun but also beautifying. Only we decide what part of our everyday life we want to show on Instagram. Both the post and the story can be deleted at any time, so we don’t have to worry about mishaps.

On instastory, we can also add a link to a specific post, and when we are tagged on someone else’s story, and then we can also publish it on our profile.

Are Instagram Stories Important?

We used to focus primarily on uploading aesthetic, distinctive photos to Instagram that would appeal to a large group of recipients. Stories are a completely different way to gain viewers. Photos and videos taken on the spur of the moment are spontaneous, but as interesting as traditional posts. If we want to get to know our followers better and make our viewers see us as more authentic creators, then it’s worth posting stories regularly.

Adding stories on Instagram are very simple and even novice users of the platform can handle it. Posting regularly can be exhausting, especially when we want our profile to be organized and polished. Relationships can be chaotic and ill-considered – after all, after 24 hours, they will be lost.

If posting on Instagram is our source of income, and then not only posts, but also stories can be sponsored. Some companies believe that Stories Ads have a better audience and are more profitable than regular posts. Nowadays, sincerity and concreteness are valued, and these adjectives bring to mind loose photos and videos in instastories.

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